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Miniature Art Supplies: 8 Must-Have Items for Model Makers with Prices in Rupees

May 30, 2024

Miniature modeling is an exceptional and rewarding form of art. For those who are diehard miniature art fans, getting the correct kind of supplies is a must. Here is a list of must-have items for model makers, along with prices in rupees. These supplies are ideal for adding those tiny details which can make a model come to life.

Must-Have Miniature Art Supplies

1. Foam Boards or Sun Board


Foam boards and Sun Board are the very basics of miniature modeling. Foam boards have a sandwiched layer of foam between its thin sheets, which makes them lightweight and easier to cut. MDF boards, on the other hand, offer a more solid base on which to build more solid models.

Why You Shouldn't Use Acrylic Material:

  • Acrylic is 10 times costlier than sun board/foam boards. 💸
  • Foam boards are soft, allowing tree miniatures to be easily stuck using the pinning method. 🌳📌


  • ₹40 - ₹500 per sheet 💰
A Miniature House

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2. Grass Sheets or Grass Powder


To make natural landscapes, grass sheets or grass powder is a must. They are available in different shades of green, which allows you to have a realistic ground cover in your miniature scenes. 🌿

Tips for Using Grass Sheets and Grass Powder:

  1. Grass Sheets: Grass sheets are very easy to use. You can find them below. 📜
  2. Grass Powder: Grass powder needs some sticking. ✨

If the area is small or patchy, we suggest using grass powder. If the area is plain, we recommend using grass sheets. 🌱


  • ₹90 - ₹300 per Sheet 💰

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3. Human, Animals & Vehicle Miniatures


Miniatures of humans are the very life of your models. These miniature-sized figures are available in different poses and can be painted as per the scene. 🧑‍🎨🖌️

Benefits and Considerations:

  • These miniatures represent a lively touch to the project. 🌟
  • Be very conscious while buying them because these miniatures are expensive. 💸
  • While buying online, sizes are often misunderstood. 📏

Why Choose Inkarto:

  • Inkarto has mentioned sizes on all 1000+ miniatures it offers, ensuring you get the right fit for your project. ✔️


  • ₹75 - ₹300 per set 💰

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Must-Have Accessories for Miniature Work

Making Your Miniatures Come Alive

Working with miniatures is all about the details. Be it the making of a bustling cityscape or a serene countryside scene, the right supplies and accessories are a must. Not only do these tools help in making the detailed and accurate models, but also make the whole experience fun and expeditious.

Happy modeling!