Ravrai Craft - Mumbai Branch Stationery Water Color Paper A3 300Gsm 20 Pages

Water Color Paper A3 300Gsm 20 Pages

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Ravrai Craft - Mumbai Branch Stationery Water Color Paper A3 300Gsm 20 Pages

Water Color Paper A3 300Gsm 20 Pages

Regular price Rs. 1,836.00
Sale price Rs. 1,836.00 Regular price Rs. 3,672.00
Product description

Watercolor paper A3 300gsm refers to a specific type of watercolor paper that is sized to A3 dimensions (297 millimeters by 420 millimeters or approximately 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches) and has a weight or thickness of 300 grams per square meter (gsm).

Watercolor paper is specially designed to handle the unique properties of watercolors. It has a textured surface that helps absorb water and pigment, allowing for better control over the flow and blending of colors. The heavyweight nature of 300gsm ensures that the paper can handle multiple washes, layering, and wet-on-wet techniques without buckling or warping.

Choosing A3 size provides a larger working area for creating watercolor artworks. It allows artists to work on more expansive compositions, capture more details, or experiment with various techniques on a single sheet.

Watercolor paper A3 300gsm is suitable for both beginners and professional artists who want a sturdy and reliable surface for their watercolor paintings. The heavyweight paper prevents excessive absorption of water, resulting in better color vibrancy and a more controlled application of the medium. It also allows for easier lifting or corrections since the paper can withstand light scrubbing or lifting techniques without tearing or pilling.

Artists often choose watercolor paper based on their preferred texture as well, which can range from rough to cold press (medium texture) to hot press (smooth texture). Each texture provides a different painting experience and affects the overall appearance of the artwork.

When using watercolor paper A3 300gsm, artists can expect a high-quality surface that supports their creative process and enhances the beauty of their watercolor paintings.

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